November 19, 2016

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Science Expo is the largest student-run non-profit that connects high school students to the STEM community in Canada. We hail from Vancouver to Toronto, with a network of 150 active leaders reaching 120 high schools, representing a student body of over 60,000. Our three key programs: Conference, School Outreach, and Peer Mentorship, add value through transformational processes aimed to inspire, showcase opportunities, and to equip students with beyond-the-classroom learning.


The aim of all of Science Expo's conferences this year is to showcase to students how STEM has TRANSFORMED over the years. This year, Science Expo Alberta presents IGNITE, a placeholder for a technology-based convention that incorporates interdisciplinary perspectives for a variety of STEM fields. Come join us and over 100 other bright-minded delegates across Alberta and learn how innovation and collaboration are changing the world of STEM! From interdisciplinary, hands on workshops to inspiring keynotes, we have everything you need to walk away from the weekend to be more informed of the current STEM environment.

Join us on November 19, 2016 at Mount Royal University to see where STEM is headed!

High Profile Speakers

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Prime crew, Project Poseidon

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Mount Royal University


Dr. Shawna Pandya

From flying cars to 3D printers, the world in 2016 is a fascinating place, and there is a role for everything and everyone who wants to contribute! In this talk, Dr. Shawna Pandya shares her experiences in the STEM fields, from space to medicine to technology, including her time at the International Space University, training as a physician in neurosurgery and general practice, to founding a company based on a challenge to positively impact 1 billion people in 10 years using accelerating technologies, and training as a citizen-scientist astronaut. She delves into the programs and platforms that helped her get to where she is today, sharing insights and lessons learned along the way.

For more about Dr. Shawna Pandya visit her website.


Paul Barclay

Paul Barclay is an Associate Professor and AITF Scholar at the University of Calgary and the National Institute for Nanotechnology. He completed his Ph.D. in Applied Physics at the California Institute of Technology in 2007, where he created nanophotonic devices for experiments in nonlinear and quantum optics, and developed techniques for coupling light into and out of nanophotonic structures. In 2008 he joined Hewlett-Packard Labs, in Palo Alto, California, where performed pioneering research in diamond based nanophotonics and quantum optics. Paul's undergraduate degree is in Engineering Physics from the University of British Columbia. Since starting at the University of Calgary and the National Institute for Nanotechnology in 2011, his research group has reported the first demonstrations of optomechanics in single crystal diamond, developed new platforms for optomechanical sensing, and advanced the field of nonlinear optics.


STEM Collaboration, TeamUP Science

There are many fascinating and unique fields of study encompassing STEM subjects, and we're all guilty of picking favorites. Whether you like chemistry, biology, physics, math, engineering or any other unique field of study, we forget that scientific advances don't just come purely from one discipline. Success in STEM constitutes collaboration from many different fields. In this workshop, we want to walk you through just one example of collaboration that has occurred in STEM research. You will get the chance to be a chemist, a biologist, or even an engineer! But remember you will need to work as a team to solve the overarching research question to make a scientific discovery! This workshop is offered by TeamUP Science. TeamUP Science is a registered non-profit and student group at the University of Alberta. As a group, we strive to offer opportunities for under-represented youth in STEM fields. Check us on on Facebook or Twitter @TeamUPScience, or on our website.


Bioinformatic DNA Sequencing, Sean Booth

You've heard of genomes being 'sequenced' but what exactly does that mean? How do scientists sequence DNA? As biotechnology advances it has become more and more dependent on computers for analyzing data. Bioinformatics a discipline that is equal parts computer science and biology. At this workshop you will sequence DNA using the original methods and learn about how the technology has changed to allow "Next-Generation Sequencing". We will also teach you how to find mutations in DNA sequences and distinguish between silent mutations, missense mutations and nonsense mutations.


9:00 Registration/Welcome
9:30 Opening Remarks
9:45 Keynote Speaker
10:45 Workshop Round 1
11:45 Lunch + Exhibition Fair
1:15 Workshop Round 2
2:30 Keynote Speaker
3:30 Panel
4:15 Closing Remarks


Mount Royal University,
4825 Mt Royal Gate SW,
Calgary, Alberta


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